February 19, 2012

Nailpolish update: Green and Pink

Last week I got a bit bored and I didn't know what to do and when I have things like this I paint my nails and do some nail art with it. Anyway, I got bored and I made this:
I like to have both hands different from each other so this is what I got. I really need to try different things, I get bored so easily when I have my nails like this for 2-3 days. So what shall I do next? ATM I made my nails leopard print, I'll post a photo tomorrow, promise. Oh and feel free to leave a comment!

February 12, 2012

Outfit update: "I'm just a girl"

A few weeks ago I bought this golden hotpants. I finally managed to came a nice outfit with it. Together with my new boots, which I LOVE! The outfit is a bit simple, but it makes the pants the most important and it was my intention.

You can find more outfits on my lookbook and feel free to hype and comment.

February 10, 2012

Fashion icon

At the moment I have several fashion icons but the one that I adore the most is Natalia Kills. Her outfits are always daring, sexy but also very classy and cute.
Oh one thing, check out Natalia's new single Kill My Boyfriend below. Fun fact she's wearing 10 outfits in this video.

Oh and changed the layout too. Like this one better than the one I had before.