September 28, 2012

Music: Alexa Goddard

I don't know if you heard of her or not but you should definitely check her out: Alexa Goddard. She's a British singer with an incredible voice! I came across her videos last year when I was looking for something. And when I heard her sing my jaw literally dropped and I got goosebumps. Me and getting goosebumps is very rare, I only get this when I really like someone's voice.

Alexa covered several songs, like a few from Justin Bieber and Maroon 5, also she covered Adele, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and more.

You can check out her latest video below:

She's very talented and I know for sure she will be big one day and I'll be there to support her. Please check out her songs and let me know what you think, I'm curious about what you guys think of her. I absolutely adore her.

Here a few more videos:

Wanna know more about Alexa? You can vistit her official website here. More videos you can find here. And of course her Facebook and twitter.

xx  ♥

September 16, 2012

Fashion weeks: New York

The fashion weeks started again, with last week New York. I always get excited when the Fashion weeks are starting, can't wait to see what my favourite designers came up with this time.

Okay this week obviously I want to talk about New York Fashion week. I loved Marc by Marc Jacobs very colourful (yay).

Alice + Olivia I adore them. Love the new collection:

Jill Stuart also had lovely things for next Spring:

Victoria Beckham:

Wanna see more? Go check it out on

London fashion week is this week, started on Friday. :) I will blog about that next week!

xx  ♥

September 09, 2012

Celeb Style: Emma Watson, simple but classy

One of the reasons I love Emma Watson's style is because she can wear anything she wants. A very simple outfit will look so classy and chic on her. Just look at this:

It's actually quite simple, the shoes and the blazer make the outfits special. And the shoes gosh I love them, the heel is so awesome. And they seem really comfy in walking.

I gotta admit I love the heels. Something I wanna add to my wish list. :)

xx ♥

September 06, 2012

Back to school

I'm so sorry guys I'm not updating everyday like I used too. I got so little time. School started again this week after I believer 7 or 8 weeks. It was so weird to be at school again after 6 months!

One day a week I go to school which is on Monday and the other days I'm going to my intern ship. Which is a lot of fun.

I promise you I'll update my blog one day a week and that will probably be every Sunday. Or when I find the time after I'm home from my intern ship and after supper.

But till then you'll hear from me on Sunday.

Love and take care!

xx ♥

September 01, 2012

Autumn/Winter is coming

Summer is almost over, can't believe it went that fast and the weather wasn't that good either. Now that's almost Autumn I'm more thinking about what to wear.
One thing I know for sure I need new things for this winter season. Most of the things I have doesn't fit anymore because I lost bit of weight. I don't mind my cloths being oversized and stuff but I just love to show the little curves I have.

I don't think I will follow the fashion trends that much this year, never actually do that. But this winter I want it to be pretty, colourful, comfy, bit classy and with confident.

I was wandering through H&M's website the other day and one thing I want for this winter is this pants:

This is an example I want to wear this winter. Hopefully I see more things I like soon 'cause this far I haven't except for the pants.

xx ♥