August 13, 2012

Places I want to visit: London

Like the title says it, places I want to visit. First one I want to discus is London. I love London! I can't express how much I love it, but it is a lot. It feels like home when I'm there. I've been there 2 times, the first time was with school, a couple of weeks before my 15th birthday.

3 years later after my High School gradation I went to London again, this time with my back than very very good friend. 

Last year my mum promised me a trip to London, but a few things happened so we didn't go. This year my grandmum said we should go in my summer holidays and this far we didn't go. 'Cause of the Olympics she didn't want to to London. But she made another promise that we're going this year during Christmas time. I really hope we do go this time 'cause I need a little trip to London. Showing my mum and grandmum my favourite places there.

I keep you guys updated about the Christmas trip to London!

xx ♥