August 31, 2012

Places I want to visit: Paris

I'm someone who wants to see the world and learn everything about the things I visit. I love to go to museums, art galleries or reading books about the country or city I'm about to visit. Yeah I'm kinda like Hermione Granger, love studying.

Anyway wanna talk about Paris. I love Paris, been there twice with school and I can't wait to explorer the city on my own.  The two times I've been with school was just one day. And in that one day we've seen so much and it was actually to much to take in that I can't really remember it. So I was glad I got the chance of going again with my France class the year after that. We'd seen the same things that year, which was nice 'cause I remembered a few things and I looked differently at it now.

But I can't wait to go back, it's a lovely city and I like being there. I don't have the "home feeling" I have when I'm in London, but when I'm in Paris it feels nice to be there, maybe also in a way of feeling home, but I'm not sure. But I guess I just fall in love with the city, the people and the other things I've seen.

I'm even thinking of getting an internship in Paris, but I got a little problem, my French isn't that good. I know how to say my name, age and ask someone how he's doing and probably a few more words and sentence. Yeah obviously the ones like Bonjour, Au revoir and Bon nuit.

So Paris is definitely a place I want to revisit and I hope I got the time and money for that soon.

xx ♥