January 15, 2013

Fun day in the snow

It's snowing here in Holland! I don't like the cold weather that much but I think the snow is absolutely gorgeous.

Anyway I'm carrying away a bit, I went outside because I had to make some photos for a school assignment.
So I had my camera with me and made some close up ones of the trees with snow, I'll post them later though. Till I suddenly saw a cute little snowflake on my glove. You can see it's really a flake and it looks like a little star. Of course I had to make a photo of it as you can see below.

Well, I'm home now, editing the photos so I can show them to my teachers tomorrow and to you guys!

Quick little question, do you like the snowy weather or are you more a spring/summer person like me? Let me know, I'm curious to know.

xx ♥