August 28, 2012

Bye bye Rome, Hello Holland

I would like to share some photos with you of Rome. I'm not gonna tell you what happened or what I did, sorry. I'm just showing you guys what I've seen and what I think of it.

The Coliseum, which is so beautiful and huge! I didn't know what to expect but I didn't expect it to be like this. Coliseum at night is very beautiful they light it up. Sorry for the bad quality of pictures. I took them with my iPod, got them of course also on my camera but I'm not in the mood yet to go through all the pictures and pick out the beautiful once so till the time I'm in the mood for that you need to do it with this. Once I made a selection of the other photos I'll make another blog post about it, don't worry. ;)

We also went to the Vatican, we didn't went inside, someone told me we should have, but the line for the tickets was just massive that we decided not to.

Our hotel was almost outside Rome as you can see on the map above. The blue dot is where we were. To get in the city we had to go by bus for almost an hour and that everyday. But it was worth it. (:  Last picture is the view I had, quite nice actually.

Next some random photos:
(view of Rome, got better ones of this)

(Old Rome, so awesome loved this the most I guess)

(The drawing some made are so beautiful. Just look at the Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. It's just so real)

Okay I'll will edit the photos I made with my camera this week so probably next week I'll post the edit photos.

I loved Rome and I definitely will visit it again, I've seen so much in 4-5 days, maybe even to much and I probably forgot the half of the things I've seen. So I just need to go back and relive it again.

xx  ♥