September 01, 2012

Autumn/Winter is coming

Summer is almost over, can't believe it went that fast and the weather wasn't that good either. Now that's almost Autumn I'm more thinking about what to wear.
One thing I know for sure I need new things for this winter season. Most of the things I have doesn't fit anymore because I lost bit of weight. I don't mind my cloths being oversized and stuff but I just love to show the little curves I have.

I don't think I will follow the fashion trends that much this year, never actually do that. But this winter I want it to be pretty, colourful, comfy, bit classy and with confident.

I was wandering through H&M's website the other day and one thing I want for this winter is this pants:

This is an example I want to wear this winter. Hopefully I see more things I like soon 'cause this far I haven't except for the pants.

xx ♥