March 02, 2012

Photography or fashion?

Last week was the London Fashion Week. One thing I really want to do before I die (and let's hope that would be when I'm a 80 year old woman) to go to the London Fashion Week and the one in Paris and New York. I know I live in Holland and we have Amsterdam Fashion Week here too, but I'm never so excited about it than the ones in London, New York, Paris and Milan.

Oh I'm also thinking of switching from study. Currently I'm studying photography as you might know, I love it, really I do but it's not really my passion any more. And fashion is and I always loved it and putting outfits together, not only for mu but also for others. I'm helping my best friend with picking her outfits, btw check out her blog here. So I'm probable gonna switch from a photography study to a fashin (stylist) study, if I can find something of course.

But I keep you guys updated! For now have a nice day and take care!


  1. I think you should, and with that bit of your photography study you also know how good certain outfits will look in front of a camera, but we chatted about this before and you know I support you and stuff.

    love you and thanks for mention-ning me <3

  2. Oh wow! That sounds awesome! Hope you can find a fashion study! <3