January 07, 2013

Hairdos: Classy

I love trying different things with my hair. I'm not afraid to cut it or dye in a totally different colour. Going to the hairdresser and cutting my hair is a thing what makes me happy.

As you might know, I'm trying to get my hair longer and it's getting pretty long I guess. Now that my hair is getting longer I'm finally able to try some different hairdos.

I brushed all my hair to the right, used a lot of hair spray and I believe 2 bobby pins and I made my hair more curly. And it turned out like the picture below.

Also used a different shampoo which makes my hair lighter.

The next look I'll post Emma Watson's hair and make-up style. I had this last week but forgot to make pics of it so I need to redo this, not that I mind it's fun to do anyway.

What about you guys? Do you like to try different things with your hair (and make-up)? Are you afraid to cut your hair of do you love it just like me? Let me know I'm curious to know.

xx ♥


  1. Hair & make-up I am trying to be creative and try things only not cutting it off since I just gained an length i love and trying to get it longer.

  2. I love it! :) I got my hair cut a bit like on your photo. I'm really experimental with my hair but a bit less on make-up. I'm really bad with eye shadow so if I try new stuff it's mainly with extreme lipstick colors or eyeliners. Very curious about the Emma style.

    1. Oh can you post a picture of your hair now? Curious to see it.

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  4. Oh that looks really cool Darlene! I just have big trouble with trying new things with my hair, until I cut it all short years ago ;) At the moment trying to let it grow out again but that seems to be taking so long :(

  5. this hair looks lovely on you! i love the classy look like that. i'd love to do it myself but my fringe is too sort and falls all over the place!

    lovely blog!

    would love it if you check out mine


    1. You have a great blog, I like your style.

  6. ooh this is gorgeous! looks like a undercut! :) must try this someday!

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