January 11, 2013

Workout? Sport? Help?

Okay, I need your help. I need to work out more, I want to lose a little bit of weight and I definitely need to workout more. The thing is, I can't find a old sport I like and I'm getting a by tired of doing sit-ups everyday/week.

Sit-ups as you might know is quite boring and I want to do something fun but also burning the calories and getting s bit more muscles as well.

So my question is, do you know a fun thing to do? And do you workout and if he answer is he's, then what are you doing?

xx ♥


  1. There are some really good offers for gyms at the moment. (because of the new year) I really like group lessons as you get motivated and won't do it by yourself. There are more people suffering (haha), and that's what I really like. I go to the gym at least twice a week and go to group lessons. The ones I go to? Spinning, bodypump and kick fit. (some sort of kickboxing) You always have to motivate yourself to go, but it feels oh-so-good when you come back.

    1. You know the problem is really, I'm so not a gym person. I danced (ballet) for more than 12 years and I do want to try something different but going to a gym is so not motivating me. I would love to do kick box though. Can you email me about bodypump and kick fit, sounds interesting. :)

  2. I'm basically going down the same road here as Nieke. I like to do a combination of gym (classes) and normal work-out. Kick fit is quite heavy, but it feels so good once you've done it and it does help a lot in burning calories.

    I'm trying myself now to keep improving with running, but that does call for some motivation, so it is something you really want to do or not, otherwise it is not really a "sport" you keep on continuing with

  3. I just go jogging with my dad and my sister. It totally works! From what I know, jogging isa an extensive cardio workout.:> It's not boring because I talk with my dad and my sister while jogging. I suggest you exercise with your friends who want to lose weight too and I'm sure you would not get bored.:)

    You can also try Zumba!! I swear it's so fun! I used to do Zumba once a week. it's just basically a fast Aero dance. It can get you sweating in minutes!

    Following you now on Bloglovin and GFC! Hope you can do the same :)
    The Fashion Commoner

  4. I always loved to do zumba, but at the moment I just dont have the energy, time or money to do anything as in gym or zumba.
    but group lessons are fun, if you have an nice group without stuck up bitches (like I had in my zumba class)

  5. i love to sport and runnig helps me



  6. swimming is nice because its relaxing and you dont get sweaty and gross! and you can get toned and improve your fitness without actually feeling like it :) x

    1. That's actually a very good idea, if I liked water enough to swim. Bit I could give it a try. Thank you! xo

  7. Hej! Ik ben van Belgiƫ en ik ben lid van Health City, ik weet niet of ze dat in Nederland ook hebben? Ik doe er vanalles: steppen op m'n eentje, of een les "Fat Burning" in groep (oefeningen op muziek).
    Je hebt echt een leuke blog! Ik zag je profielfoto met de analoge camera's en MOEST een kijkje komen nemen :).
    Laten we elkaar volgen?
    x Hannah